Who qualifies for a press badge at MBSWELL-BEING EXCHANGE?

  • Publishers and advertising and sales representatives from approved media outlets will receive advertising press badges.
  • Editors, reporters, writers, television and radio producers, and broadcast/Internet reporters from approved media outlets will receive editorial press badges.
  • Social media influencers who cover the industry and have more than 10,000 followers across their social media channels may also be considered for editorial press badges.


Who does NOT qualify for a press badge at MBSWB EXCHANGE?

  • Public relations representatives; marketing, creative services, circulation and other employees of magazines, newspapers, television and radio stations and websites; writers and publishers of personal or corporate newsletters; and family members of qualified media are not eligible for press badges.
  • Book author and blogger eligibility will be determined on case-by-case basis.

What credentials/ identification are required to register as press?

  • Your business card (with individual’s name and title and the name of an approved media outlet) and one of the following:
  • The mast page from an approved media outlet with individual’s name and title listed.
  • A copy of or an Internet link to a current by-lined article published in an approved media outlet within the past six months.

If you are a freelance writers and photographers: please present a letter of assignment from an approved publication. Writers not on an assignment may provide a copy of an industry-relevant by-lined article, published within the past six months in an approved media outlet.

Electronic media representatives, including editors of websites and bloggers: please provide links to an existing site and to relevant bylined editorial content.

Public Relations representatives: please register as “Exhibitor Personnel” through your clients who are confirmed participants in the show. A business card and proof of client relationship with an exhibiting manufacturer is required. Alternatively, you may register on-site as a “Trade Guest,” with payment of any necessary fees. In either case, please register through the Attendee/Exhibitor registration counters rather than through the Press Center.  



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